Razor's Edge Ventures, LLC

Razor's Edge is a venture capital fund founded by a group of distinguished entrepreneurs and executives from the national security industry. Razor's Edge Ventures, LLC We invest in, and partner with, private technology companies serving the national security market exclusively or in combination with other commercial markets.

Razor's Edge has a unique understanding of the national security community's strategic priorities and works tirelessly to identify and deliver disruptive technologies capable of advancing critical mission needs. We vet technology every day under challenging circumstances where the stakes are high and schedules are unforgiving. The goal of Razor's Edge is easily summarized but demands a broad cross-section of skills to attain: We will help innovative companies rapidly deliver unique capabilities to the Government customers who need them.

In addition to accelerating the pace of innovation within our market, Razor's Edge offers portfolio companies direct and practical operational support derived from decades of collective experience in the national security sector. We offer our companies direct corporate support, suggested processes and forms, and general advice in the following areas:

  • Business development and strategic planning
  • Security
  • Human resources and recruiting
  • Legal and compliance
  • Finance and contracting

This operational support gives our portfolio companies regular access to useful advice not regularly available to start-up companies, and helps our companies transition into larger Government programs with more exacting auditing and related compliance requirements.

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